Appointments & Referrals

If you need physical, occupational, or speech therapy, we offer direct access to our services, meaning you don’t always need a physician referral for treatment; you can refer yourself. However, there are some insurances that do require a physician referral.  Our staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding if a referral is needed or not or you can check directly with your insurance company.

Insurance & Medicare Coverage

Insurance coverage rules vary from company to company. Some insurance plans have a deductible to be met first, some have co-pays, some have both. You may also require a prior authorization before starting any therapy, but this is completed by our staff.

Our office staff will verify your benefits and discuss them with you. Contact your insurance company for more information on your plan.

If you have Medicare coverage, therapy is covered if it is considered medically necessary. A physician must approve the plan of care by reading and signing the evaluation and goals we have set for you.